Hey I’m

Tawfiqur Rahman

WordPress Theme & Plugin Developer

I provide web design and development services, working with startups and established companies to create or redesign a professional ease-of-use website and improve website performance.
I’ve been designing for over 8 years. Throughout that time, I’ve worked remotely for a number of exciting startups and established companies. These have been located all over the world, from the United States, Canada, and Europe to Australia.

What I Do

Website Design

To help you achieve a clear picture of your business and a website you’re confident to show off, I make your website look current and totally authentic—with beautiful typography, lots of white space and a design that complements your brand.

WordPress Development

To ensure a beautiful, easy-to-use website with a positive user experience, I bring your design (or mine) to life with the latest coding standards in WordPress, responsive design, and front-end development including HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

I can help you with


Starting a WordPress Blog


Wordpress SEO


Wordpress Performance


Wordpress Errors

Wordpress Security

Building an Online Store

I provide high-quality WordPress code snippets, free themes, video training, tips, and more.

Code Snippets

These are exclusively made for WordPress sites and will offer custom design options with easy to understand instructions.

Video Training

The training will go over some great insights to help users understand how to get the most out of their WordPress site.

Tips & Tricks

Learn from my mistakes and let me show you how to accomplish unique sections of your WordPress site that will impress.

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Years of Experience

Send me an email about your project and I will prepare a detailed portfolio with relevant work samples.

Q. Where can I see your work?

Email me and I will prepare work samples relevant to your project with accompanying details.

Q. Are you currently available?

Yes I’m available for new projects.

Q. How much do you charge?

Email me and I will compile a custom quote and provide details on my hourly rate and availability.


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